European Media and Communication Doctoral Summer School: "Dynamics of Mediatization" (2013-2015)

The main subtopics of the triennial summer school are “Mediatization: Media Practice and Everyday Agency” (1st year), “Mediatization: Journalism, Representation and the Public Sphere” (2nd year), and “Mediatization: Politics, Civil Society and Participation” (3rd year).

Primary target groups are doctoral students of Media and Communication from all over Europe. The main activity of the summer school will comprise intensive exchange and cooperation between doctoral students. The focus is on improving the quality of their individual PhD projects and increasing awareness of the similarities and differences in approaches to media and communication research as carried out in different European countries.

Apart from the actual summer school and its learning outcomes in terms of the improvement of PhD projects and fostering academic networking and cooperation, expected outputs will include the publication of selected papers in book form, which will also be made available in digital form online, together with study materials in an e-learning environment.